Easy Mushroom Growing: How to grow your own gourmet fungi – In person in Bristol @ Grow Wilder


New In person teaching in Bristol 25th June at Grow Wilder

Have you always wanted to grow your own mushrooms? Well come to my workshop and I will teach you exactly how you can grow mushrooms!


Have you always wanted to grow your own mushrooms, but don’t know where to start? Have you tried to grow mushrooms before and failed? Are you overwhelmed by all the conflicting advice there is online?

If this sounds like you, come along to the next Easy Mushroom Growing workshop at Grow Wilder on Saturday 25th June – 10am – 4pm

I will teach you exactly how you can grow tasty gourmet mushrooms at home – whilst avoiding common beginner mistakes.

Get ready to:

– Feel clear about what to do and what you need to grow mushrooms

– Progress with your growing skills

– Feel confident in your mushroom growing process

– Meet some new fungi-loving-friends!

My courses are very interactive and this one involves several practical elements with actual hands-on learning. You will learn all the necessary skills to replicate the process you learn in class to grow successfully at home.

I will also cover lots of useful and interesting information about mushrooms and the amazing ecological roles that they perform in the environment – and how we can harness some of these amazing abilities as growers.

What we will cover in class:

πŸ„ What even are mushrooms, exactly?

πŸ„ How mushrooms grow

πŸ„ What role mushrooms have in our environment

πŸ„ Easy, effective, and cheap ways to grow mushrooms at home

πŸ„ How to grow in small spaces

πŸ„ How to get the most out of your mushroom grows

πŸ„ Fruiting Chambers

πŸ„ Troubleshooting and common pitfalls to avoid

About your teacher:

A food activist & farmer, I have over 15 years of experience in growing food and developing food systems. My passion for growing food blossomed into a career when I started my own ecological & ethical business – Upcycled Mushrooms.

I now consult with farms to create sustainable growing solutions, using systems which limit the energy required for fungi cultivation whilst also recycling natural waste materials from the local area into food to feed fungi. Through Upcycled Mushrooms, I provide rare local-origin strains of fungi for other growers and a range of workshops & courses on how to grow edible mushrooms. I also developed the UK’s first ready to fruit β€œgrow your own” Lion’s Mane mushroom kits.

πŸ„ Watch my video on safely and effectively use a pressure cooker for mushroom cultivation πŸ„

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