1kg of sterile Organic rye grain spawn with self healing injection port

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1kg Bag of sterilised grain spawn for gourmet mushroom production. This bags comes with self healing injection port making inoculating with liquid cultures very easy.

Our grain bags are the perfect supplement for grow a huge variety of different mushroom on. The grain in our bags is sourced from UK growers and is certified organic. In this way we are able to keep the food miles involved in producing these bags to an absolute minimum.



The grain we use in our mushroom grain bags is all organic certified and grown within the UK.

We are committed to supporting local organic agriculture and help build a more resilient local food system that supports both people and planet, this is why we are proud members of the land workers alliance. To find out more about the important work being done for sustainable farming in the UK check out their website here.

Grain spawn is made to order in this way to ensure that the culture inside is provided for optimum growth beyond this medium. These bags are dispatched within 5 days of order and comes guaranteed contaminant free until opened for 30 days after delivery.

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🍄 Watch my video on exactly how to inoculate one of our Organic grain spawn bags 🍄

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