Upcycled Mushrooms offer a range of services and design options for other growers and farmers to incorporate fungi into their food growing businesses. I am currently designing several different systems including both indoor and outdoor growing. 

I offer a range different design options for growers of all abilities and understanding of fungi production. 

Here are some images of current projects as they develop:

#1 indoor grow setup over 2 shipping containers

For this project I am:

  • Designing humidity and air system
  • Providing Spawn supplies
  • Teaching staff how to grow and maintain grow room
  • Providing support and help with finding markets

Story so far...

1. containers arrived!!

2. The humidity and air flow system is now complete and we are just tweaking the controls to get optimum performance from the system.

3. Installation of lighting complete, Many thanks to Phaelin and his expert electrical skills!


Bulk substrate production has now commenced, soon to have boxes entering the grow room and mushrooms fruiting. 


If you would like more information about my consulting please contact me through our contact page or at