My biggest challenge growing mushrooms has been both space and sterilisation.

For that reason I thought, let’s step back a bit and start with a mushroom growing kit.After loads of recommendations from other growers to purchase from Upcycled Mushrooms, I decided to get one of their kits.

Well I tell you what, it made the process SO much easier. Now I actually feel like I can grow mushrooms! I went for Lions Mane, something a bit different, and it’s just growing and growing and growing, so cool!

I would still like to try growing from scratch again at some point, but I’m more than happy to keep getting kits for the time being, they’re so easy to use. I also found help easily enough; I had a few questions about the process (what with it being my first time growing) and Upcycled Mushrooms got back to me quickly, giving me advice and reassurances. So yeah, I would definitely recommend them.

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