The biggest challenge I had before purchasing from Upcycled mushrooms was building up the confidence to go for it. The grow box has everything you need in it and it really is as simple as adding a spray of water a few times a day to keep the humidity up.

After purchasing my lions mane grow box I was so happy with how easy and how little equipment and space I needed to start the grow.I feel a sense of achievement that I’ve been able to start this journey at the bottom of the ladder and am already looking at how to take it to the next level. The confidence that the simple grow box made the whole concept of mycology so much less intimidating and really accessible for absolutely anyone.If your on the fence about purchasing I’d say just go for it as £25 is a very reasonable price for the amount of lions mane you get.

I paid £27 for 60grams of dried fruiting body from one company, which at the time I thought was OK. With upcycled I’m going to get 10X that and can then decide what I want to do with it which is now just a no brainer.

I honestly wish I did this sooner as I could have saved more money haha.If you’ve got any questions shoot the email a question and Patrick replies really quick and is super helpful. I even sent him a picture of where I was going to grow them to see if it was OK because I was so unsure and he gave me the thumbs up and guidance I needed.Honestly couldn’t recommend the company enough.Thanks for providing me a great product which was so easy to set up, I cant wait to see these amazing mushrooms fruit in all their glory.

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