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Tiahna Williams
Tiahna is the newest member of the fungi family here at Upcycled Mushrooms. Like all of us around here, Tiahna is a bit of a mushroom fiend and always finds comfort in nature. Tiahna studied animation at university and is a serial hobbyist when it comes to anything creative. This has led her to winning competitions including photography, cake decorating and other crafting events. Tiahna is also a published illustrator – currently working on children’s books. Music is also a big part of her life being a singer/songwriter.

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Lion’s mane Fajitas

Try our delicious Lion's mane fajitas for a flavoursome twist on the traditional Mexican dish. This mushroom is a great option for those looking for a healthy substitute for chicken. Vegan friendly! Want to try this recipe? Check out our Lion's mane grow kits here....

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