Duncan’s experience learning to grow mushrooms with some of our wine cap spawn

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Duncan brought some wine cap spawn from us 2 years ago and has had fantastic results with it.

In this video you can find out his experience of growing the amazing wine cap mushrooms in his garden and how he grew so many that he has started selling them to local residents in his village.

If you would like to find out more about our wine cap spawn an get some for yourself visit our shop.

Also if you would like to learn more about this amazing mushroom and how to grow them we have a very detailed video here which explains exactly how to grow them at home.

Here are some pictures that Duncan sent us of his wine cap growing.


Patrick Mallery

Patrick Mallery

As food activist & farmer, Patrick has over 15 years of experience in growing food and developing food systems. Patrick’s passion for growing food started at university, where he grew his own vegetables and began to learn the art of growing mushrooms. This hobby blossomed into a career when he started his own ecological & ethical business – Upcycled Mushrooms. Patrick now consults with farms to create sustainable growing solutions, using systems which limit the energy required for fungi cultivation whilst also recycling natural waste materials from the local area into food to feed fungi. Through Upcycled Mushrooms, he provided exotic mushrooms to local restaurants, rare local-origin strains of fungi for other growers, and a range of workshops & courses on how to grow edible mushrooms.

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